Welcome to the GIGABYTE Co. Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "GIGABYTE”) webpage ! As a visitor, you are able to browse selected information on the website without providing your PII (Personal Identity Information). In certain situations, GIGABYTE will require you to provide us with personal information to enable us to offer you the particular service or information requested. Please read our privacy policy below to assist your understanding of how we use and protect your personal information.

1. Collection and International transmission of Your Personal Information
GIGABYTE may collect certain personal information from you when you browse the webpages, use selected services or participate in selected online activities on our website(s)for the purposes of gaining a better understanding of online user activities and/or developing a tailored marketing response. You will have the choice to answer or decline to answer any of the optional information requests. GIGABYTE will never ask you to provide sensitive personal information such as information about your medical or health record, political or religious beliefs, criminal offences alleged or committed criminal conviction background, sexual orientation, sexual life or genetic information. Please refrain from providing GIGABYTE with such information. When you submit personal information to GIGABYTE, you understand and agree that this personal information may be transferred between GIGABYTE offices and agents and/or contractors of GIGABYTE internationally, and may be stored and processed in any of the countries which GIGABYTE and agents and/or contractors of GIGABYTE locate in. All international transfer, storage and use of your personal information shall be subject to and protected by the Privacy Policy. GIGABYTE does not knowingly collect personal information from children without their parent’s or guardian’s consent. GIGABYTE encourages parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities and interests while using the service. If you are a child, please seek and verify your parent’s or guardian’s consent. Only after GIGABYTE verifies your parent’s or guardian’s consent, you may submit personal information to us. Your parent or guardian can revoke any consent previously given.

2. Classification of the personal information collected and purpose of collection
1) GIGABYTE may ask you to provide your first and last name, mailing/shipping address (including zip code), e-mail address, telephone and facsimile number, and other personally identifiable information. (2) GIGABYTE’s purposes of collection includes but not limited to: a. When you purchase GIGABYTE’s product or service, GIGABYTE may collect your information to grant registration, provide technical support, product upgrade, discount and fulfill such payment, and product shipment or other promotion . b. When you subscribe GIGABYTE’s free marketing material of GIGABYTE’s products, services and other discounts; however, you may unsubscribe our marketing information at any time. c. When you participate any event held by GIGABYTE, GIGABYTE may use your information for confirming your identity, notifying of activities, and communicating with you for giving gifts. d. rendering you with support services, remedial services, user experience survey and analysis. e. replying your inquiry or information search. f. rendering customer care, customer satisfaction analysis and acquiring customer feedback. g. improving and upgrading GIGABYTE’s services.

3. Disclosure of Your Personal Information
GIGABYTE processes your information with due care and consideration and will not sell or lend your information to any third party. GIGABYTE may use any personal information you provide for identification reasons whilst you access the website. GIGABYTE and all members of our corporate family reserve the right to combine the information we collect with that of any third party for marketing, the provision of services or any other like purpose.

4.Security of Your Personal Information
GIGABYTE is committed to protecting the security of the personal information you provide. GIGABYTE does not allow any third party to access personal information you provide to GIGABYTE without your prior consent. GIGABYTE uses the appropriate protection mechanisms, technologies and internal procedures to maintain the security of your information and prevent any unauthorized access of your information. In certain circumstances, GIGABYTE may use a standard SSL and SET mechanism to protect the transfer of your personal information. However, GIGABYTE cannot guarantee a perfect security on the internet. When using the internet, GIGABYTE recommended that you use alphanumerical usernames and passwords and change your passwords on a regular basis, as well as keep your computer up to date by applying the latest available security updates for your software and using such tools as virus/spyware scanners.

5. Maintenance & Management
GIGABYTE reserves the right at any time and under any circumstance to remove personal information provided by users, customers or otherwise. GIGABYTE further reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue or terminate any users' accesses to all or part of the website content without any prior notification.

6. Search, Update Your Information
GIGABYTE wants to help you keep your personal information accurate. You may view and change your registration information by logging in and editing your account settings on GIGABYTE website. For the security of your account, you will be required to sign in with your login ID and password. For further inquiries about personal information GIGABYTE stores about you, please contact us.

7. Links to Third Party Web Sites and Service
This website may contain links to other web sites, or use service provided by others. Please be aware that GIGABYTE is not responsible for the security or the privacy practices of Third Party Service. We encourage you to be aware of when you leave the website, and to read the privacy statements of Third Party Service that collects personal information. This Privacy Policy applies only to GIGABYTE services. GIGABYTE will use your personal information for customer experience improvement or the purpose it was collected. For example, to get personal information (ex: age, gender, habit)by analysis of webpage traffic data through third-party service to deliver a product or service that you have requested, enable your participation in online activities, or personalize your experience. When we collect information from you, you may tell us that you do not want it used for further marketing contact. You may also turn off cookies in your browser.

8. Personalization
GIGABYTE uses cookies, web beacons, and the personal information you provide us to personalize your online experience and improve our services. For example, we use a cookie to remember the country and language preferences you selected on our web site or to track your browses’ record on our website. Or we use web beacons to track traffic in eDM delivery.

9. Contact Us
Should you have any enquiries in respect of the above privacy policy or the way in which GIGABYTE manages personal information, please contact GIGABYTE

10. Announcements & Changes
GIGABYTE reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time. GIGABYTE will notify you about significant changes by placing a prominent notice on our web site.